Yoga practice is the parallel road that runs alongside the path of life. It is about finding your satya, your truth. It is about finding the love of oneself, and therefore finding more love and compassion for others. It is about letting go and accepting the natural flow of your authentic path.


I spent most of my life in Awe of music. I wanted to be able to play everything I heard and create whatever I was feeling.

My exploration of Yoga began the same way. Seeing yogis move with such grace through seemingly impossibly challenging postures inspired my new obsession. Why not me?


I began practicing yoga at 19 in San Francisco. It was what I had been searching so painfully for and immense gratitude followed.

I started yoga philosophy classes at Yoga Mandala in Berkeley and my asana practice took me to Patabhi Jois’ student Larry Schultz. I did my first teacher training under him and did my second six months later at Mt. Madonna Center.


Daniel started practicing yoga to replace swimming as physical exercise after graduating college and losing access to a pool. Then yoga happened, more than a decade of it. Now he sees his yoga practice informing just about everything he does.


Emily attended her first yoga class in 2000 upon the recommendation of a college advisor who had just completed a yoga teacher-training program. Next came years of practice where she didn’t show up for weeks and months at a time. But she was hooked—smitten—even though the practice was not easy, and all her “ego stuff” was starting to shine through.


Nomadic from birth, being raised by traveling ministers. Seriously, with my older siblings, two cats, and a dove, we traveled all over Europe and the US listening to my mother teach (I would say preach but she didn’t, she taught). It’s funny how “traveling, sitting, and listening” has become such a huge part of my adult life. The “sitting and listening” part took me a long time to come to terms with.


Heather is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching classes since 2012. She has completed a 900hr training with Brooke Kalan at the Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy and is skilled in reading energy, the chakra system, mindfulness, and meditation. She merges her background in yoga with intuitive work.


Yoga is medicine that enhances every aspect of my life. Practice and recovery has transformed childhood dysfunction, depression and addiction – amazing! Wholehearted gratitude along with pure unconditional love towards myself and others empowers acceptance all around.

Jennifer Campbell-Overbeeke

A dancer, swimmer and general explorer since I could walk I found my way on to the mat for the first time in college circa 2004.

After years of dealing with a aggressive case of Crohn’s disease my once strong body felt broken. In yoga I found both the space to work through my edges when I felt well and to sit with the breath when I didn’t.

Jess Amend

Oh, yoga! How do I love thee…?

I am completely smitten with yoga, head over heels. Yoga is much like life, in that, it is what you choose to let it be. It can be simply exercise. You come, you move, you sweat, you leave, so good!!

Unlike other forms of exercise I have experienced, it offers the possibility for so much more.