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Learn about our monthly donation-based classes
Photo via International Justice Mission

Every month we host a donation-based class that directly benefits a local or national charity dear to our hearts. It's an opportunity for us to come together and honor the good work of nonprofits supporting our most vulnerable neighbors. This month the joyful, funny, and generous Jess Amend will be teaching a beginner-friendly slow flow benefitting International Justice Mission (IJM). Jess has been practicing yoga for six years and teaching for five. When she's not at the studio she's loving on her two rescued greyhounds, Sally and Batman.  

Read on to learn more about IJM, what you can expect in class and what makes this class so special: 

Why did you choose this charity to support in our August donation-based class?
To be honest helping those in need has been a challenging thing for me. I used to become so overwhelmed with the amount of injustice in the world, most of the time I would end up heart broken and almost catatonic for periods of time. Over the years I have worked to find small ways to be of service both globally and locally. International Justice Mission, is a non profit that reaches out to enslaved humans all over the world. IMJ works to locate and free these people, provide safety and work with governments to seek larger scale changes. My husband and I have supported IMJ financially for several years. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring more financial support their way and build awareness.

What can students expect during class? If you could sum up the type of class what would it be?
The asana will be a slow flow style of yoga, with a very sweet beginning and end. The only prerequisite is a willing attitude. Expect lots love and a little silliness.

Why should students come to our monthly donation-based classes? What makes them special?
It’s a chance to give and receive as a community! As I said, helping others can be overwhelming and complex. These classes are an open and easy way to connect with your community, and begin to affect change.

What are you most looking forward to regarding this event?
Loving on all the students who come. Sharing in hope and yoga and laughter, and hugs.

Ready to try class? Register online to save a spot now.  And check back each month to see who we're benefitting next! Suggested donations of $15, but any are welcome, will directly benefit this far-reaching nonprofit. 

Gillian St.Clair