Happy Birthday To Steadfast

We’re 9 years old!!! That means we’ve made it to pre-puberty. According to WebMD, “At this stage in life, your 9-year-old might seem to drift off like they are ‘in a daze’ or ‘in another world.’ But the world they’re in is a new and interesting one. They begin to understand being liked and seeking approval. They also start to show that they know right from wrong and understands rules."

I stopped seeking approval a long time ago. When I opened Steadfast, I did so reluctantly — but I felt homeless as a teacher and I needed a place to grow. In the beginning, Steadfast was a place for me to teach but eventually it became about the needs of the students. I’m sorry to say that it took 9 years for me to care more about people than myself. I wish I would have been able to share what I know now, then. 

The studio has settled, we know who we are and what we excel at is teaching. Thank you to those that have continued on the journey with us and welcome to those who are catching us at a much more relaxed pace. Without people to share this practice with, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to continue to grow. Yoga gets better with age — the more you know, the more you know. Happy birthday!


Gillian St.Clair