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Introduction to the Ashtanga Primary Series

This 5 week series is ideal for anyone wanting to better understand the Ashtanga Primary Series, including those new to ashtanga yoga, those curious but intimidated, and anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge of the series. Each class will build upon the last, so we will progressively increase our intellectual understanding of the series while also experiencing the poses viscerally and energetically.

Each class will be very much a workshop: we’ll explore the poses, including what the body is doing physically, the energetic principles behind the shapes, and how they build on each other. With an understanding of the essence of the pose, we will explore how to embody the poses by drawing on the natural intelligence of the body. Students will find a variation of each pose that works in his/her own body and life. We will also discuss and practice transitions, which are as integral to our practice as the named poses.

You will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask during practice and time to play with what you learn, allowing you to integrate the information you learn. Handouts will be provided with the opening and closing prayers, as well as the poses that make up the series in both Sanskrit and English. Homework will even be suggested (but not mandatory)! Get ready to learn, think, move, breathe, and expand your idea of yoga!  

This class series meets on five consecutive Fridays, 4-5:30 pm, starting October 19, ending November 16.

Series Price: $125

Meet the Instructor:

Kristen Stanley has been practicing with Gillian St. Clair since 2009 and teaching at Steadfast and True since 2012. In 2015, Kristen attended a workshop with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor and has been studying with them ever since. Kristen believes that by and through practicing yoga with curiosity and gentleness, we reveal the innate intelligence and kindness already present within each of us.