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The Shoulder: Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Your Practice

  • Steadfast & True Yoga 1325 3rd Avenue North Nashville, TN, 37208 United States (map)

The purpose of a movement practice is to encourage movement through active range of motion, compression, distraction, oscillation, strengthening, stretching, and paying attention. In this series of workshops, teachers and students will explore the many aspects of the shoulder: its anatomy, biomechanics, common injuries, and how we can apply this knowledge to our movement practices.

Register for the whole series: $135
OR register for individual workshops: $50 each

Friday, 6-8:30pm: The bones, joints, and directions of movement.

  1. Learn the bones and joints relative to the shoulder girdle through lecture and palpation

  2. Learn directions of movement through experience

  3. Practice healthy shoulder positioning in all poses involved in sun salute A: downward dog, chaturanga, upward dog, etc….

Saturday, 1-3:30pm: Muscles and tendons

  1. Learn muscles of the shoulder girdle through presentation and experience

  2. Learn how to target muscle groups for stretching and strengthening and when each is desirable

  3. Explore shoulder focused yoga poses such as gomukhasana, eagle arms, prasarita padottanasana, and anything else that is requested

Sunday, 2-4:30pm: Reinforcement and application in your practice and teaching

  1. Brief overview and reinforcement of muscles, bones, and joints

  2. Discussion of common injuries with dos and don’ts

  3. Inversion training with shoulder positioning and more

  4. Savasana assists

Each participant will receive a power point to reference and reinforce learning. The goal is to give everyone the chance to explore and ask questions that relate to their own bodies and their clients’ if applicable. This weekend is for anyone of any discipline who wants to further their knowledge of the inner-workings of our bodies.

Meet the Instructor: Brent Coleman

I have been teaching Yoga in Nashville for 10 years and am a candidate for a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Tennessee State University. My previous degrees in music helped me to understand the blend of art and technique. My goal is to elevate our understanding of what we teach and practice.

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