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Principles of Teaching Functional Movement

Functional Movement for Safety and Well-being: a seminar for Teachers, Trainers, & Educators
Workshop Fee: $45

This session is built to bring cohesive understanding among trainers, teachers, and coaches alike who have a passion for human movement and helping others.

The one thing all movement instructors and coaches have in common is that we work with humans; while our methods may vary if we can understand the design of the human body and physiological principles then you gain the creative freedom to deploy whatever methods or measures you see fit. Principles bring a level of simplicity to an industry that is obsessed with complexity. This breeds chaos and confusion, which leads to disconnect with the end user, our clients!

This will be a day of collaboration among all trainers, coaches, and teachers. Let us remove any pretentious, inside baseball lingo that does not contribute to improving our industry as a whole. There will also be plenty of time for Q & A so that we can troubleshoot any particular problems or frustrations you may have. We will also discuss the following:

  • History of physical culture and its impact on the current climate of our industry

  • Understanding soft tissue injuries VS joint related problems

  • Assessment: What are the warning signs of injury

  • Programming for a diverse population

  • Architecture of the human body

This seminar will run 2.5 hours with breaks built in.

Meet the Instructor: Ryan Esdohr
My journey originally started 13 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia where I moved to work with some of the most sought-after therapists in professional sports. It was also at that time I began to work with athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, PGA, and USATF.

In 2014 I opened Superhuman Lab, a performance center in Urbandale, Iowa that focuses on overcoming injury and training to improve an athlete’s capacity.

Another great passion of mine is learning. I spend a great deal of my time reading and traveling to learn from world class teachers and rehabilitation therapists. I have been involved in the Functional Range Systems community on both the manual therapy side known as Functional Range Release and the mobility training side known as Functional Range Conditioning.

My first mentor was Brian Glotzbach, who introduced me to injury specific bodywork and the world of professional sports. Another great mentor I must mention is physical culture historian and renowned Indian Club instructor Dr. Ed Thomas. Dr. Thomas has been a great influence of mine in restorative training; which includes tools that are over 100 years old, but he has also evolved his own methods along the way.

When not teaching or working with athletes I enjoy spending time with my family, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, running, rucking, weightlifting, and almost anything that involves human movement.

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